Pandemic has took a lot

I want to share a story with the portrait of my Grandmother (NanuApa) who is 83 years old now. This portrait was taken right before the pandemic hit her, the wickedest way.

Want to mention, when she was a little girl about 1 or 2 years, she lost her both the parents on the pandemic of that time named ‘Plague’.

She is one of strongest personality I have ever came across in my life. She always put her valid concern in any family crisis moment. She taught us how to be patience in troublesome days. I saw her always went against early marriage of woman, she influenced all of her grandchildren to get educated and make her own money before getting married. She kept her strong presence in my Grandfather’s business maintaining all he 5 children and household works. I never saw her yelled  over anything and yet we all respected her. She loved each of the family person with warm heart. Never listened doing malicious talk about anyone. The list keeps going on…

Few days back she had experienced the dreadful thing of her life. She suffered from Corona Virus along with her elder son and his family. She survived but she lost her two Sons (My Boro Mama and Choto Mama) due to the attack of Corona Virus. Hope this fighter can bear this wound for the rest of her life.

This pandemic has took a lot from us and likewise taught a lot –

We plan for future, we get in race, we jumped into argument with dearest ones over material things and make distances with each other but life is so uncertain and yet full of surprises. The most significant thing of life is to live it with fullest, love and care your dearest ones and let them feel how important they are in your life. You don’t know how much time you have to love, laugh and live.

StaySafe and BeHappy in life.

We fought back Covid! You Also can!

On 20th March me and Rezwan (My Husband)both tested Covid positive! Rezwan’s symptom days were 4 and mine were 2. We started taking medicine consulting doctors at home. We both were normal and going good with food, little physical exercise, breathing exercise, hot tea, 7/8 times steam per day and all. We did our blood test and HRCT test on his 4th day and Rezwan’s lung showed 17% involvement and blood report was also not very positive.
I was little worried and kept continuing our regular routine as Doctor suggested.
We sent our kids and mamoni(mother in law) to my parents home and locked ourselves in a room from the very beginning of our symptoms. All of them are still safe Alhamdulillah.
From 7th day, Rezwan was getting frail and the oximeter also not showing satisfactory oxygen level. The oxygen saturation retaining down from 98 to 95. We were still not puzzled as we knew 92 is the markup!
On day 8, his breathing problem kicked off! And the saturation were going only downwards. At a time Rezwan even refused to put his finger on oximeter as he didn’t want to be stressed seeing the low count of oxygen but I was feeling restless inside! In the morning things got even worst! I called bhaia, to call ambulance and talked to my family members. Rezwan’s saturation dropped to 87 and he was severely suffering with breathlessness! We didn’t know where to go at that very moment as no hospitals got bed for covid patient. Finding no other option we rushed to Evercare emergency in hope of getting a bed in few hours! Going there, we found Rezwans oxygen level at 84! Immediately Rezwan received 10ltr oxygen support from Evercare emergency and they recommended him ICU.
My family, colleagues, tried their best to search ICU for Rezwan. My Father finally managed a cabin in PG hospital. I want to mention, PG hospital is very well equipped where high flow oxygen (upto 60 ltr) can be supported in Cabin.
We immediately went there and got him admitted to BSMMU. We spent total 12 days there.
The longest days and nights I spent there! For 8 days he required oxygen support. Then gradually the medicines helped to recover and heal.
With the love and grace of Almighty we fought Corona back!
There were times, when I lost hope, But I’m blessed to have a very strong family who supported me with everything they have! With their unconditional love and continuous support we both could face all obstacles due to this dreadful virus.
Few doctors (specially Dr. Habib and Dr. Anik) were tremendous at their profession! Dr, Habib is a brilliant and promising young doctor who took care of all the medicines whereas in parallel Dr. Anik made patient smile and gave hope to the scared attendants with his cheerful words and laugh!
Finally, Rezwan got cured and we got back to home on 8th April.
Thanks to All the family members , friends and mine and Rezwan’s super supportive colleagues who always took update of us and provided me courage and mental support whenever I required.
We fought back Covid! You Also can!
Let’s not lose hope! Stay safe! Stay strong!
Boost up your immune system!

Farzana Afrose

Our independent blogger is currently servicing at Sr.Manager, corporate & Functions Service Management at Standard Chartered Bangladesh.


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